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Our Expertise

We offer our client’s a unique “one on one”, stress free and practical home design service. We believe designing your new should be an enjoyable and fun experience where you ideas and aspirations are crafted into a unique expression of your personality. Apart from our in house design, documentation and project management services we also take care of various other services such as surveying, structural engineering and statutory approvals so you can relax and enjoy the experience.


Geographe Home Design is more than a home design business. We have the customer service, practical approach and experience to design beautiful, environmentally-friendly homes.

Site Assessment
Free Site Assessment

Obligation FREE site assessment & consultation.

Look at the key characteristics of your block.

Discuss orientation for maximum solar benefit.

Note potential privacy issues from adjoining properties.

Architectural Concept Design
Architectural Concept Design

Consultation with local authority.

Initial Concept Design according to your detailed brief.

Amendments to concept design as required.

Final preliminary design concept & front elevation.

Planning Approval
Planning Approval (If required)

Preparation of additional drawings for planning application.

Site & floor plans, elevations and landscaping plan as required.

Liaise with local government authority on behalf of client.

Architectural Documentation
Detailed Architectural Documentation

Preparation of detailed drawings for building permit submission.

Prepare full working drawings for construction.

Organise energy efficiency, structural engineering & surveying.

Additional Services

Project Management
Tender & Project Management

Prepare documentation for issue to builders for tender.

Liaise with builders on your behalf during the tender process.

Assess all tenders “apples for apples”.

Award tender to chosen builder and liaise for preparation of contracts.

Follow construction process through to completion with regular site visits.

Provide client with detailed reports as work proceeds.

Consultant Services
Additional Consultant Services


Structural Design

Interior Design

Energy Efficiency Certification

Certificate of Design Compliance

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

Landscape Design Service

Design Process

At Geographe Home Design, we believe each site has its own unique set of features and characteristics; from the direction of prevailing breezes to terrain and contours, views and privacy from adjoining neighbours to mention just a few. We see it as critical that these key aspects together with correct orientation for maximum passive solar benefits form a major part in the final form & function of your home design.

There are 5 steps that we find to be typical of most Home Designs

Step 1 - SITE VISIT: Get to know each other, ideas and priorities.

With the above in mind we strongly suggest that the first step in the process is an obligation free visit to your site where we can walk the block and begin to understand your vision.

It’s also a great way to get to know each other and toss around ideas in an informal setting while at the same time making note of the key aspects of your site.

Step 2 - CONCEPTUAL SKETCHES: What will your new home look like?

After walking your block each custom home design starts as a concept based upon your detailed brief and initial site visit.

Your specific needs and ideas will be carefully discussed and from these notes, conceptual sketches will evolve.

Step 3 - PRELIMINARY DESIGN: The design is refined.

Once an initial concept is established your ideas will be transformed into more formal scaled preliminary plans where the final design will be honed down and polished. We listen, take notes, and listen some more. We ask detailed questions like, "Dishwasher to the right or left of the sink?", "What size is the piano you mentioned and what room will it be in & so on?"

All of these details are discussed early on so that the design will reflect the little things that make this home uniquely yours.

Step 4 - DETAILED DOCUMENTATION: The design is finalised and ready to build.

The outcome of the above process will be a detailed preliminary home design which can then be documented into more formal Architectural working drawings and specifications from which the final home will be built.

In addition to the above we also organise any Planning Approvals (If required), Structural Engineering, Energy Efficiency and BAL Assessments as well as Certification of Design Compliance for Council approval.

Step 5 - SELECT BUILDER: How do we select the builder of our home?

At Geographe Home Design, we firmly believe that a proven track record in delivering a quality product with exceptional customer service should be at the top of your criteria.

We can help you through this sometimes daunting process with a complete tender process to make sure your quotes are “apples for apples” and in addition also offer an ongoing project management service if that’s something you require.

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